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Omaha Garage Door

Omaha Garage Door

Omaha Garage Door Repair

If you need fast, affordable garage door repair done right the first time, call us! We are known far and wide in the Greater Omaha, NE area as the ones to call when repair or installation and service are needed. Keep reading to see why.

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We all know how important a properly working garage door is. We want instant and safe opening and closing every time. After all, the garage door is the largest moving, working part of our whole house. It guards the largest entrance to our house all day long. It is the very first thing people notice when coming down our street! Yet, after all that, we tend to not notice our garage doors, until they break down. Then, our whole daily routine can come to a grinding halt. Omaha Garage Door Repair in Omaha, Nebraska knows how very important maintaining a safe, reliable garage door is. Our customer base is made up of people who have come to depend on our friendly, well-trained staff and our very affordable prices. That's just for starters. We also stock and install a huge inventory of garage doors, springs, openers and accessories. We are available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, including holidays. Our repair and installation work is fully guaranteed and our field technicians are fully trained and insured. All of this combined together, make a garage door repair and installation package that is unmatched in Omaha, Nebraska.

Omaha Garage Door Replacement

When the time comes to replace your garage door, call Omaha Garage Door for these simple reasons. All of our work is done by well trained, licensed, technicians who work according to your schedule - not ours. We sell, install and service the most respected, in-demand products and all are fully warrantied. We carry the name brands you have come to rely on over the years. You can choose from : WAYNE DALTON, SEARS, LIFTMASTER, CHI DOORS, AMARR, GENIE , CLOPAY and many others. Our many garage doors come in all sizes and materials. We carry fiberglass, wood, steel and vinyl doors. We can replace single and double doors, RV and custom doors, roll up, tilt up and even golf cart doors. Our expert staff can help you navigate through this mNEe of garage door options so that you can be assured of finding and installing the perfect match for your home. We tend to think of garage doors as strictly functional. What most people don't realize is that a clean, well-matched garage door can be a long term investment too. Real estate appraisers look at the architectural style of your home and if the garage doors match and are fully operational, your appraisal will come in higher, resulting in a bigger dollar amount when you sell your home.

Call us at: (402) 715-9099

Omaha Garage Door Spring Repair

Chances are, you don't think a lot about your garage door springs - until they break, that is. Suddenly, our lives are thrown into chaos because the car is stuck inside the garage with the door frozen shut. Or, maybe the door is hanging open - unable to close - leaving your house vulnerable to intruders. All of a sudden, we think a lot about our garage door springs. In reality, properly installed, correctly calibrated springs will last an average of twenty thousand cycles. To get the maximum life out of your springs and to prevent breakage, Omaha Garage Door encourages you to call us at the first sign of any spring problems. Our highly trained field reps can repair and install these springs quickly and affordably so that you can get back to your busy life. Keep our telephone number handy so that you can reach us for round the clock coverage. Minimize risk of injury, or property damage by calling us as soon as a problem is evident.

Call us at: (402) 715-9099

Omaha Garage Door Opener Installation

One of the most requested jobs calls we receive at Omaha Garage Door is for garage door opener installation. This is because we install and service the most popular and functional opener models available anywhere. We have several models of screw drive openers in stock. These all weather wonders are very dependable even in the coldest Nebraska weather. No more opener malfunction due to frigid temperature. Our belt drive models don't use a chain. They are known for their ultra quiet operation perfect for day sleepers or bedrooms directly above the garage. Having a belt drive opener model allows peaceful rest despite the rest of the household coming and going. Another popular model is the jackshaft opener. Jackshaft openers are wall mounted and can contain such unique features as rolling code options to help prevent intruders. You can also order your model with an auxiliary power source to safeguard against a power outage. Having such a large number of options for garage door openers could be confusing. Don't hesitate to call Omaha Garage Door for expert help in choosing your next opener.

Call us today at: (402) 715-9099

Bookmark this web page on your computer and add our telephone number to your smart phone. That way, Omaha Garage Door Repair is only seconds away from providing you with expert; affordable and timely garage door care. Call us and see for yourself.

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